Summary of Four Different Counter top Surfaces

 GraniteQuartzMarbleSolid Surface
DescriptionGranite has a natural and timeless beauty as it has been used since the time of ancient cultures to now! It is an igneous rock composed of grains of compressed quartz, feldspar, mica, and similar materials. Quartz is an engineered stone that is usually 93-95% quartz with the remaining being a resin to bind the material and provide additional qualities like additional strengthMarble is a natural stone that provides a traditional look. It is a metamorphic rock formed from recrystallized carbon. It is formed out of limestone that is subjected to intense pressure and heat due to tectonic shifting in the earth's crustMade of polyester or acrylic resin combined with mineral fillers, this material can imitate any other surface
Best For?A natural stone look. It can withstand high traffic areas like heavy use in a kitchen or bath. It resists stains when it's properly sealed and it also resists heat and scratches.High traffic areas like busy kitchens and baths. It's stain- and heat-resistant and low-maintenance. It doesn't need sealing and is available in vibrant colors and in styles that mimic natural stone.A classic stone look in low to medium-traffic areas, like a baking zone or guest bath. It's available in a wide range of natural colors.Seamless installations, especially in baths. Many colors and styles are available, including those that mimic concrete, stone, and quartz. It's stain-resistant, and small nicks and scratches can be repaired.
Scratch Resistance?Resistant; slightly harder than marbleResistant; not as much as graniteChips and scratches easily, but they can be polished out.Scratches easily
Heat Resistance?Resistant; more heat resistant than quartzResistant; not as much as graniteResistantResistant; prolonged heat can cause discoloration
Porousness?PorousNON-porousPorous; more than graniteNON-porous
Need For Sealing? Needs to be sealed every 1-2 yearsDoes NOT need to be sealedNeeds to be sealed every 1-2 yearsDoes NOT need to be sealed
Pattern uniformity?Varies – some colors are fairly uniform throughout while the color and grain of others may differ from store samples and from slab to slab.
Possibly due to its porousness.
Uniform throughoutVariesUniform throughout
Environment for virus and bacteria?Possibly due to its porousness.Nope.Possibly due to its porousness.Nope.
Environmentally friendly?Mined from the earth and generally transported from overseas.Made from existing quartz and generally transported from overseas.Mined from the earth and generally transported from overseas.Made mostly of synthetic materials.